YouTube's New AI-Powered Feature: Concise Video Summaries to Enhance Your Viewing Experience

By Pintu
Created On: Aug 2nd, 2023
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YouTube, known for its continuous efforts to enhance user experience, is now testing AI-generated summaries for its videos. Unlike traditional summaries that aim to shorten lengthy content, these textual overviews are designed to provide users with a quick glimpse into the essence of a video, helping them choose the most compelling ones to watch.

In a recent update on YouTube's experimental features support page, the platform officially introduced the AI auto-generated summaries. While they won't replace the video descriptions crafted by creators, they will serve as an additional tool to offer users a sneak peek into what the video entails. The summaries will be visible on both watch and search pages, giving viewers a convenient way to assess the content's relevance and decide if it aligns with their interests.

YouTube's approach to incorporating generative AI in this manner is unique, as the platform has primarily used AI for intelligent subtitles in the past. Now, with the introduction of AI-generated summaries, YouTube is taking another step to empower its users with valuable information before they dive into a video.

At this stage, the feature is still in its testing phase and is currently accessible for only a limited number of videos. Moreover, it is available exclusively in English.

Alongside the AI-generated summaries, YouTube is also exploring another exciting feature for mobile viewers—creating "Shorts" that showcase comments from videos they are currently watching. These Shorts will be prominently featured in the Shorts feed and the viewer's channel page, encouraging engagement and interaction with the YouTube community.

As YouTube continues to embrace AI-driven advancements, the platform is dedicated to refining user experiences and offering more ways for viewers to make informed choices about the content they consume. With these innovative features on the horizon, YouTube enthusiasts can look forward to a more enriched and interactive viewing journey. Stay tuned for further updates as YouTube explores the potential of generative AI to shape the future of video content discovery.

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