WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Feature: Introducing WhatsApp Channels

By Namita
Created On: Sep 14th, 2023
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For years, WhatsApp has primarily been the go-to app for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. However, in its latest update, WhatsApp is expanding its horizons, aiming to become much more than just a messaging platform.

The most recent WhatsApp update brings forth a groundbreaking feature known as "WhatsApp Channels." This innovative addition allows users to follow updates from individuals and organizations that hold significance to them, all within the familiar confines of the app. WhatsApp Channels functions as a one-way broadcast tool, delivering these updates via a dedicated tab aptly named "Updates," separate from your regular chats with friends, family, and communities.

WhatsApp Channels is gradually rolling out on a global scale over the coming weeks, becoming available in over 150 countries, including India. Finding channels to follow is a breeze, as they are automatically sorted based on your location. Alternatively, you can search for channels by name or browse through various categories. Additionally, you'll have the option to explore new, highly active, and popular channels based on follower counts.

Among the early adopters of WhatsApp Channels, you'll find some of the most prominent celebrities, sports teams, artists, thought leaders, and organizations from India and around the world. For instance, you can now follow the Indian Cricket team, Katrina Kaif, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay Kumar, Vijay Deverakonda, Neha Kakkar, and many more Indian stars. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg himself has launched his own WhatsApp Channel to share updates on Facebook and WhatsApp products.

WhatsApp Channels is designed to offer the utmost privacy to its users. When you follow a channel, your phone number and profile photo will remain concealed from both the admin and fellow followers. Likewise, the act of following a channel won't disclose your phone number to the admin either. The choice of whom to follow remains entirely your own and is kept private. Additionally, the history of channel updates will only be retained for 30 days.

Expressing your reactions to updates is made easy with emojis, and the count of total reactions is visible. Rest assured, your individual reactions will not be shared with other followers. If you find an update worth sharing, you can forward it to your chats or groups with a link leading back to the channel, enabling others to explore further. If you ever wish to stop following a channel, you can effortlessly mute or unsubscribe at any time.

Furthermore, WhatsApp provides the capability for administrators to create a channel using their existing WhatsApp account or a new one. Admins also have the flexibility to edit their updates for up to 30 days before they are automatically removed from WhatsApp servers.

How to Make the Most of WhatsApp Channels:

  1. Ensure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

  2. Open WhatsApp and locate the "Updates" tab at the bottom of the screen, where you'll discover a list of channels available for you to follow.

  3. To start following a channel, simply tap the '+' button next to its name. Alternatively, tap on the channel name to access its profile and description.

  4. Express your reactions to channel updates by pressing and holding the message.

WhatsApp Channels is poised to reshape the way we stay connected and informed, offering an exciting new dimension to our digital interactions. As it continues to expand its global reach, this feature promises to become an integral part of our daily communication landscape.

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