Upcoming Apple Watch X: Slimmer Design and Magnetic Band Attachments Expected

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Created On: Aug 14th, 2023
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Apple is reportedly in the midst of developing its tenth-generation smartwatch, tentatively named the Apple Watch X. A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that this new iteration, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Apple's smartwatch series, is likely to be launched in either 2024 or 2025. The Apple Watch X is anticipated to bring significant changes, including a revolutionary magnetic attachment-based strap system.

According to sources, the forthcoming Watch X is poised to become the slimmest smartwatch ever created by Apple. One of the key innovations is a new magnetic band-swapping mechanism. This mechanism aims to streamline the watch's design by eliminating the need for dedicated attachment space for the strap. Consequently, this could lead to a reduction in the overall dimensions of the watch.

However, there's a trade-off. While this new attachment system promises enhanced aesthetics and dimensions, it might not be compatible with the existing bands designed for previous Apple Watch models. This could mean that users might need to invest in new bands tailored specifically for the Watch X.

Apart from its novel attachment system, the Apple Watch X is rumored to feature a thinner microLED display. This technological refinement aligns with Apple's ongoing pursuit of sleeker and more efficient designs. Moreover, the watch is said to incorporate an integrated blood pressure sensor, an addition that underscores Apple's commitment to augmenting health and fitness functionalities.

Since its debut in 2015, Apple has adhered to an annual release cycle for its smartwatches. This rhythm has been punctuated with occasional introductions of more budget-friendly models, such as the Watch SE and the second-generation Watch SE. In 2022, Apple showcased its most advanced smartwatch, the Watch Ultra, boasting a titanium frame.

Expectations are now building for the anticipated launch of the Apple Watch Series 9, expected to be powered by watchOS 10. This launch is projected to coincide with the introduction of the iPhone 15 series in September. While the upcoming Series 9 might resemble the Series 8 in appearance, it's anticipated to house a new chip, introducing additional features and efficiency improvements that could contribute to enhanced battery life.

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