Revolutionizing Voice Recognition: Apple Patent Hints at Siri's Motion-Based Lip Reading Technology

By Pintu
Created On: Aug 7th, 2023
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Apple has filed a groundbreaking patent that could potentially transform Siri's voice recognition capabilities. The patent, known as 'Keyword Detection Using Motion Sensing,' proposes the use of motion sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to enable Siri to read lips through motion. This cutting-edge technology aims to enhance accuracy and reduce the constant reliance on microphones.

According to a recent report by AppleInsider, the patent outlines a system that analyzes data from motion sensors to identify specific mouth and head movements associated with voice commands. By cross-referencing this motion data with reference data, Siri can accurately detect phrases or words spoken by the user.

The patent diagrams highlight popular voice commands such as 'Hey, Siri,' 'Skip,' and 'Next song' and demonstrate how motion sensing can improve their recognition. Conventional voice recognition systems, like Siri, often suffer from issues such as background noise and high power consumption.

However, with this new technology, existing motion sensors like gyroscopes or accelerometers can detect subtle changes in facial muscles, head motions, or vibrations that indicate human speech. If the motion detection is fast enough, Siri can activate the microphone in time to capture the rest of the user's phrase accurately.

While Apple has not explicitly mentioned incorporating this technology into non-Siri devices, there is potential for its integration with other Apple products, such as the upcoming mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, or AirPods.

It's important to note that Apple files numerous patents each year, and not all of them make their way into consumer products. As of now, it remains uncertain whether Apple will implement lip reading by motion detection in its future products. Nonetheless, this patent represents an exciting advancement in voice recognition technology and holds promise for the future of Siri and beyond.

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