Midjourney Introduces Innovative Image Inpainting Feature: Here's What You Need to Know

By Namita
Created On: Aug 25th, 2023
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The world of Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve, particularly in the realm of image creation and manipulation. Midjourney, a prominent AI-powered image generator, has unveiled a captivating addition to its array of features. This new upgrade is set to excite AI art creators by introducing a "paint-by-prompt" capability, fulfilling a long-awaited desire within the creative community.

Dubbed the "Vary Region" feature, this innovation empowers creators to edit and enhance upscaled images simply by modifying the accompanying text prompt. In essence, users can now select specific portions of an image and effortlessly transform them using text-based cues. This tool takes artistic freedom to new heights, enabling users to infuse new elements or refine existing ones, such as adding accessories to portraits – a process known as inpainting.

Midjourney has emphasized that the inpainting feature is most effective when applied to significant alterations, typically spanning 20 to 50 percent of the image. Smaller background details might pose challenges for this function. With this latest update, creators no longer need to wait for the final rendering to achieve perfection; they can promptly adjust their images during the creative process.

It's worth noting that successful inpainting relies on the harmony between the modified prompt and the original image. Midjourney clarifies that inpainting isn't a miraculous remedy; rather, it generates new images based on the interplay between the initial image and the customized prompt.

While its competitor, Stable Diffusion, already offers similar capabilities like inpainting and outpainting, some reports suggest that Stable Diffusion holds an advantage in terms of accuracy. Nevertheless, Midjourney's new Vary Region feature is considered a significant step forward, catering to creators with more refined and user-friendly solutions.

Midjourney operates as a generative AI image creation tool and is available through an annual subscription priced at $100. This latest addition underscores the continuous evolution of AI in enhancing creative processes and expanding the boundaries of digital artistry.

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