Microsoft Paint Gets a Creative Boost with 'Cocreator': A Text-to-Image Generator Powered by DALL-E

By Namita
Created On: Sep 29th, 2023
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Microsoft Paint, the beloved application on Windows 11, has been in the spotlight recently thanks to a series of innovative updates. From a background removal tool to Photoshop-like layers and transparency support, Microsoft has been reinvigorating this classic software. Now, there's another exciting addition on the horizon: 'Paint Cocreator,' a text-to-image generator fueled by DALL-E.

With 'Paint Cocreator,' users will soon have the ability to craft visually stunning artwork simply by describing the image they have in mind. This feature, as described in a Microsoft blog post, will generate three different variations of the envisioned artwork. Users can also select from various art styles, including the popular 'Pixel Art,' ensuring that the final result aligns with their creative vision.

Microsoft is taking steps to ensure the responsible use of this AI-powered tool. They plan to implement "content filtering and have other safeguards" to prevent the generation of inappropriate, offensive, or harmful images. Additionally, Microsoft intends to fine-tune the feature based on user feedback and real-world usage, emphasizing their commitment to user safety and satisfaction.

How to Access and Sign Up for Paint Cocreator

Using 'Cocreator' is straightforward. Open Microsoft Paint, and you'll find the 'Cocreator' icon in the app toolbar. Clicking on it will open a new sidebar, reminiscent of Microsoft Edge, where you can input your image description. Once the AI has generated the artwork, you can select the image that best fits your vision and start editing it within the Paint Canvas.

However, there's a requirement to sign in with your Microsoft account to access this feature. 'Cocreator' operates as a cloud-based service and relies on credits for image generation using DALL-E.

To get started, Microsoft will provide users with an initial allocation of 50 credits. Each credit allows users to generate a new set of images. As of now, this feature is available in only a select few regions. Those eager to try out 'Paint Cocreator' can join a waitlist, demonstrating Microsoft's cautious approach to its gradual rollout.

Incorporating the power of DALL-E into Microsoft Paint opens up exciting possibilities for users, promising a fresh creative dimension for this iconic software. As the feature evolves and reaches a wider audience, it's sure to inspire both seasoned artists and aspiring creators alike.

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