Microsoft Launcher Integrates Bing Chat for Android Users

By Namita
Created On: Aug 29th, 2023
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Microsoft is rolling out an integration between its AI-powered Bing Chat chatbot and the Microsoft Launcher on Android devices. This feature is currently in the beta version of the Microsoft Launcher and provides users with quick access to Bing Chat directly from the app’s search bar.

Initially discovered by a user on social media, the integration places Bing Chat directly within the launcher’s search bar. By pulling down the bar from anywhere within the launcher, users can engage with the AI chatbot without needing to open separate apps or browsers.

The interface within the launcher mimics the appearance of Bing Chat on other platforms, offering users the choice of three conversational styles: Creative, Balanced, and Precise. This feature, paired with Bing Chat’s integration into other Microsoft products like Edge, Swiftkey, and Microsoft 365, is another step in Microsoft’s strategy of making its AI services accessible across a wide range of its offerings.

The beta version of Microsoft Launcher also introduces a new ‘Bing Search’ widget, featuring a transparent and minimalist design. It is worth noting that while Bing Chat on the launcher provides information and answers to queries, its capabilities are limited compared to the more advanced AI services like Windows Copilot for Windows 11, which can modify system settings.

While Microsoft Launcher comes pre-installed on Surface Duo devices, the Bing Chat integration is currently available in the beta version of the launcher. However, it's uncertain when this feature will be extended to Surface Duo devices.

Microsoft has been progressively integrating Bing Chat into various products, signaling a broader effort to make its AI technology more seamlessly accessible across its ecosystem. This recent addition also emphasizes the company's commitment to expanding the scope of its AI services.

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