LinkedIn Empowers Recruiters and Marketers with AI-Enhanced Features

By Namita
Created On: Oct 4th, 2023
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LinkedIn, the renowned social network for business professionals, is taking a significant step forward by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) features into its core offerings. These enhancements will revolutionize the way recruiters find job candidates and enable marketing professionals to create ad campaigns with ease.

As a Microsoft-owned platform, LinkedIn is tapping into technology developed by OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, in which Microsoft has invested. These AI-powered upgrades are poised to streamline essential functions on the platform.

LinkedIn boasts over 950 million members, with the majority enjoying free access to the service. The platform primarily generates revenue by charging recruiters and marketing and sales professionals for access to its extensive database.

Traditionally, these users had to navigate LinkedIn's database using data filters, keywords, and other search techniques. This often required translating natural language queries like "I want to hire a software developer with 10 years of experience in Minneapolis" into terms the database could comprehend.

Now, thanks to AI integration, recruiters can pose such questions naturally, and the AI can respond with further inquiries. For instance, it may inquire whether the recruiter is open to considering qualified candidates in other cities where the company has a presence or individuals whose job titles may not match precisely but possess similar skills.

Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn's CEO, emphasized that in an era marked by rapidly evolving job titles, LinkedIn aims to encourage the hiring of individuals whose skills align with job requirements, irrespective of their title or educational background. He noted, "When you just focus on whether someone went to an Ivy League school or worked at Google, you're talking about a very narrow set of people that everyone is trying to hire. When you focus on the skills that are required to do the job effectively, all of a sudden, you see there are tens of thousands of candidates out there. You can't just look at job titles."

LinkedIn is extending similar AI-driven tools to assist sales professionals in finding prospects. Additionally, it is introducing a tool that leverages AI to analyze a company's website and create marketing campaigns for business-to-business products and services. These campaigns will run directly on LinkedIn's platform.

Importantly, LinkedIn does not plan to charge extra for these new AI-powered features, which will automate certain aspects of users' jobs. As Roslansky puts it, "For the majority of the world, you're going to find that those tasks are going to be augmented by AI, so your role is going to need to adapt a little bit." LinkedIn's move reflects the evolving landscape of professional networking, where AI plays an increasingly pivotal role in connecting talent with opportunities.

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