Instagram's Threads Introduces Post Quoting: Here's How to Use It

By Namita
Created On: Sep 18th, 2023
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Instagram's Threads, the platform designed for more intimate communication, is taking a significant step forward with the introduction of post quoting. This feature, announced by Instagram's Head, Adam Mosseri, enhances the web version of Threads, making it even more versatile and interactive.

Bridging the Gap with Post Quoting

When Threads initially launched on the web in August, it garnered enthusiasm from users. However, one crucial feature was conspicuously absent: the ability to quote posts. This latest update rectifies that, bringing Threads a step closer to competing with platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter) and effectively bridging the gap between reposting and commenting.

Here's How to Quote a Post on Threads:

  1. Locate the post you wish to quote within Threads.

  2. Click on the two arrows icon, signaling the quoting option.

  3. A menu will pop up, presenting you with the choice to "quote" the post. Simply click on it.

  4. You are now free to add your personal comment or context to the quoted post.

Exciting Developments Ahead

In addition to this significant update, Adam Mosseri also revealed that Threads users on mobile devices can look forward to the ability to follow threads and receive notifications. These enhancements are aimed at making the Threads experience even more engaging and dynamic for its users.

While Threads has come a long way in improving its functionality, it still has ground to cover to match the dynamic atmosphere that platforms like X/Twitter are known for. However, with each incremental feature update, Threads is steadily evolving, promising an increasingly immersive and versatile experience for its users. Keep an eye out for more exciting developments as Threads continues to grow and adapt to user needs.

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