How to Use eSignature Feature in Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Pintu
Created On: Aug 13th, 2023
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Google Docs has introduced an eSignature feature that allows users to request and manage digital signatures directly within their documents. This feature, currently in open beta for Google Workspace subscribers, streamlines the process of adding eSignatures to documents stored in Google Drive.

With the eSignature feature in Google Docs, users can easily request digital signatures, keep track of pending signature requests, and locate completed documents without needing to switch between different applications or tabs. Google also plans to add more functionalities in the future, such as an Audit trail, multi-signer support, and the ability to request signatures from individuals without Gmail accounts.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the eSignature feature in Google Docs:

Create a New Document:

Start by creating a new document in Google Drive where you want to add the eSignature.

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Access eSignature Tools:

Within the document, navigate to "Tools" in the top menu and select "eSignature." This will open a panel on the right-hand side.

Add Signature Fields:

In the eSignature panel, you can add signature fields to the document. This involves adding details like the signature, initials, name, and job title. Google Docs currently supports up to 200 distinct fields.

Request eSignature:

To request a digital signature from someone who has editing privileges for the document, click on "Request Signature" in the eSignature panel. Enter the recipient's email address to send them a copy for signature. Note that this feature is in beta, and users need to register in advance to access it.

Document Security:

Once an eSignature request is sent, the document will be automatically converted into a PDF format to prevent tampering. The file will also be locked. Unlocking the PDF will cancel the eSignature request, and you'll need to initiate it again.

Monitor Status:

Google Docs allows you to monitor the status of your eSignature requests. You can also revoke a request if needed through the menu options.

Recipient's Response:

The recipient of the eSignature request can either accept or decline it within the document. If the request is declined, they can provide a reason for the rejection. Once declined, the requester will receive a notification.

Google Docs' eSignature feature simplifies the process of obtaining digital signatures for your documents. It's a convenient and efficient way to handle signatures directly within your Google Drive environment. As Google continues to refine and expand this feature, users can look forward to even more capabilities and enhancements in the future.

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