Elon Musk Continues Tweaking Twitter's Logo with an "Evolutionary" Approach

By Pintu
Created On: Jul 26th, 2023
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In yet another twist, Elon Musk has once again modified Twitter's logo. After briefly replacing the blue bird with an X logo, Musk made another update, this time opting for slightly thicker lines. However, he quickly changed his mind, expressing dissatisfaction with the new look and promptly reverting to the previous design. Musk assured his followers that the logo would continue to evolve over time.

The recent version of the logo had already appeared on Twitter's homepage, with Musk even adopting it as his profile picture. However, the mobile app has yet to showcase any of the logo variations.

The updated logo bears a close resemblance to the design submitted by Twitter user Sawyer Merritt. Musk had called for logo submissions, and Merritt's design caught his attention over the weekend. This led Musk to announce the rebranding of Twitter as "X," with the promise of implementing a chosen logo the following day.

The initial version of the logo resembled Monotype's Special Alphabets 4 font and aligned with a Unicode character. Musk referred to it as an "interim" design, indicating the possibility of further refinements in the future. As of now, the quest for the perfect logo for Twitter continues, driven by Musk's determination to find the most fitting representation for the social media platform.

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