Apple's Patent Unveils Innovative VR Device Using iPhones as Main Screens

By Pintu
Created On: Aug 9th, 2023
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Apple has recently unveiled a patent detailing a novel head-mounted display that could potentially revolutionize virtual reality (VR). The patent outlines a device that allows users to insert their iPhones into glasses, utilizing the phone as the primary screen for displaying VR content. This innovation could lead to a more affordable and accessible VR experience compared to the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, which carries a hefty price tag of $3,499.

This 17th patent of its kind introduces glasses that serve as a platform to securely hold the iPhone in front of the user's eyes. Drawing parallels to Samsung's Gear VR, Apple's concept predates the Gear VR's introduction. However, Apple's device surpasses mere phone housing, featuring several intriguing functions to enhance user interaction.

One potential addition is a remote control that empowers users to switch the displayed content seamlessly. Additionally, a touch sensor integrated into the glasses could enable users to modify volume settings by a simple finger gesture. An innovative facet of the proposed device is its external viewing mode, allowing users to see the real world while wearing the glasses. This tackles a significant hurdle in the VR and augmented reality (AR) landscape—combating the sense of isolation from one's physical surroundings.

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While this patent doesn't guarantee the actual development of the device, it underscores Apple's commitment to exploring diverse avenues for democratizing VR and AR technologies. Given the substantial costs associated with VR and AR devices, not all individuals can easily embrace them. By offering a more straightforward and budget-friendly alternative that capitalizes on users' existing smartphones, Apple might attract a broader audience to delve into VR experiences, potentially igniting future interest in these technologies.

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