AI-Driven Logic to Steer Chandrayaan 3 Lander to Moon Landing

By Namita
Created On: Aug 23rd, 2023
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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is gearing up for its Chandrayaan 3 mission, which aims to achieve a soft landing on the moon. However, this time, the landing will be directed solely by AI and computer logic. The previous Chandrayaan 2 mission faced challenges during its landing attempt in 2019, leading to a crash landing.

In the upcoming Chandrayaan 3 mission, ISRO has put extensive efforts into refining the landing process. The descent will be controlled entirely by AI and computer algorithms, ensuring that the lander navigates and makes decisions for a safe and soft landing.

The Chandrayaan 3 lander is equipped with a variety of sensors, including velocimeters, altimeters, and hazard avoidance cameras. These sensors provide critical data about the lander's speed, orientation, and position. The data collected by these sensors is then processed through computer algorithms to determine the lander's location and guide it during the landing process.

ISRO's chairman, S Somnath, highlighted the significance of the navigation, guidance, and control system on board the lander. This system, based on computer logic, will be responsible for steering the lander to the correct position for a safe landing. It will make decisions regarding the lander's path, even in the face of unexpected variations or failures in sensors.

During the descent, the onboard sensors will calculate and verify information as the lander moves from a height of 30 km above the moon's surface to about 7.42 km. At various points during the descent, the lander will assess its surroundings and decide whether to continue with a vertical landing or adjust its position laterally to avoid obstacles.

ISRO has learned from the challenges faced during the Chandrayaan 2 mission and has taken steps to address those issues in Chandrayaan 3. Extensive simulations, changes in guidance designs, and algorithm refinements have been implemented to ensure a safe and successful landing.

The Chandrayaan 3 mission represents ISRO's commitment to advancing space exploration through AI-driven technology. By relying on AI and computer logic to navigate the lunar landing, ISRO aims to overcome the limitations experienced in previous attempts and achieve a successful soft landing on the moon's surface.

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