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In today's digital landscape, social media has evolved into a pivotal tool for individuals, newcomers, professionals, and enterprises alike. Recognizing the diverse needs of users embarking on their social media journey, Posttely offers a range of plan and pricing options tailored to various requirements and aspirations. Whether you're an individual looking to boost your personal brand or a marketing agency overseeing multiple clients, Posttely's plans have you covered.

1. Free Plan: A Perfect Start for Newcomers and Enterprises

For those taking their first steps in the world of social media, the Free Plan acts as a welcoming gateway. This plan provides a risk-free initiation with no monthly charges, a GST exemption, and a generous 14-day free trial. With the Free Plan, you can connect up to 2 social media channels, manage up to 28 posts, and operate within 1 workspace. Enjoy the benefits of planning and publishing tools as you explore the platform's capabilities.

2. Elite Plan: Empower Professionals with Publishing, Analytics, and Engagement Tools

Professionals seeking to elevate their social media presence will find their ideal companion in the Elite Plan. Priced at an attractive ₹100 per month (plus GST at 18%), this plan opens the door to unlimited posts and workspaces for a single channel. Immerse yourself in planning and publishing tools to optimize your content strategy. Engage your audience with precision using the included engagement tools, and gain valuable insights through analytic reports. Plus, enjoy round-the-clock support via email to address any queries that may arise.

3. Team Plan: Collaborate Seamlessly with Unlimited Users and Enhanced Support

When teamwork and collaboration come to the forefront, the Team Plan emerges as the go-to solution. Priced at ₹300 per month (plus GST at 18%), this plan provides unlimited posts, workspaces, and AI Assistant capabilities for a single channel. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, leveraging planning and publishing tools to synchronize efforts. Engage effectively and stay informed with analytic reports. The AI Assistant offers an extra edge, aiding in streamlining tasks and maximizing productivity. And with 24/7 email support, you're never alone in your journey.

4. Agency Plan: Empower Marketing Agencies with Comprehensive Tools

Marketing agencies overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients will discover the ultimate solution in the Agency Plan. Priced at ₹3300 per month (plus GST at 18%), this plan caters to 10 channels, offering unlimited posts, workspaces, and AI-generated images. The comprehensive package includes planning and publishing tools, engagement capabilities, and robust analytic reports. Enjoy the confidence of 24/7 email and call support, ensuring that your agency's endeavors receive the attention they deserve.

In a world where social media's influence continues to grow, Posttely's array of plans and pricing options stands as a testament to their commitment to catering to a wide spectrum of users. From those starting their journey to professionals aiming for higher engagement, and agencies seeking to streamline their operations, Posttely offers a pathway towards social media success. Embrace the plan that aligns with your goals and aspirations, and embark on a transformative social media voyage with Posttely by your side.

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