General steps you might take to manage channels in Posttely's social media management tool

  1. Login to Your Posttely Account: Log in to your Posttely account using your credentials. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to manage channels.

  2. Access the Dashboard: Once logged in, you'll likely be directed to the dashboard or main interface of the Posttely tool.

  3. Navigate to Manage Channel: Look for a section on left side of the screen for managing channels. 

  4. Connect or Add Channels: If you're adding new channels, there is  an option to connect new social media accounts on left side to "Add Channel". Click on this option and follow the prompts to connect the channels you want to manage. You might need to authorize Posttely to access your social media accounts.

  5. View Existing Channels: If you're managing existing channels, you should see a list of the connected channels or profiles. This could include platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

    Screenshot 27

  6. Select a Channel: Click on the channel you want to manage. This will likely open up a dedicated interface for that specific channel.

  7. Edit Channel Settings: Within the dedicated channel interface, you should find options to edit channel settings. This might include profile information, privacy settings, default posting times, and more. Make any necessary adjustments.

  8. View Analytics (if available): Some tools offer analytics for each channel. If available, navigate to the analytics section to view performance metrics, engagement data, and insights related to your posts.

  9. Save Changes: After making any changes to the channel settings, posts, or other details, ensure you save your changes. Look for a "Save" or "Update" button.

  10. Review and Confirmation: Double-check your changes and review the updated channel settings. Some tools might display a confirmation message after you've successfully made changes.

  11. Repeat for Other Channels (if needed): If you're managing multiple channels, repeat the process for each channel you want to adjust or work with.

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