Elevate Your Facebook Strategy with Posttely: A Step-by-Step Guide


Creating a strong Facebook presence requires strategic posting and engaging content. Posttely, a comprehensive social media management platform, can streamline your Facebook scheduling process. Let's walk through the steps to enhance your Facebook strategy using Posttely.

Step 1: Log In to Your Posttely Account:

If you're new to Posttely, sign up to access its array of social media management tools.

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Step 2: Connect Your Facebook Page:

Link your Facebook Page to Posttely. This integration enables seamless scheduling, tracking, and optimizing of your Facebook posts.

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Step 3: Access the Scheduler:

Upon logging in, navigate to Posttely's Scheduler feature. This is where you'll plan and schedule your Facebook posts.

Step 4: Upload Visual Content:

Prepare the visuals or images you want to share on your Facebook Page. Visual content tends to garner higher engagement.

Step 5: Choose the Posting Time:

Select the specific date and time for your post to be published. Leverage Posttely's insights to identify the best posting times.

Step 6: Craft an Engaging Post:

Write a compelling post that resonates with your audience. Keep it concise, informative, and in line with your brand voice.

Step 7: Add Relevant Hashtags:

Incorporate relevant hashtags into your post. This can broaden your post's reach and make it discoverable to users interested in those topics.

Step 8: Preview Your Post:

Utilize Posttely's preview feature to see how your post will appear on Facebook. Ensure visuals and formatting are on point.

Step 9: Schedule Your Post:

Once satisfied with your post, hit the "Schedule" button. Choose the date and time you want your post to go live.

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Step 10: Engage with Your Audience:

After your post is published, actively respond to comments, likes, and shares. Engagement boosts your post's visibility and impact.

Step 11: Monitor Analytics:

Leverage Posttely's analytics to track your post's performance. Keep an eye on metrics like reach, engagement, and link clicks.


Posttely empowers your Facebook strategy by simplifying the scheduling process. By following these steps, you can maintain a consistent Facebook presence, drive engagement, and achieve your social media goals efficiently. Unlock the potential of your Facebook Page with Posttely's tools and features.

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