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Streamline tasks effortlessly. Create, schedule, analyze with ease. Dive into seamless planning, AI content creation, and beyond.

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Plan and arrange your social media content in advance

Create and schedule your upcoming social media posts using appropriate formatting tools. Customize and optimize your hashtags by tailoring them to your preferences.

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Posttely solutions for every business

Empowering Every Business with Tailored Strategies and Innovations


Social media managers

Grow followers & boost engagement, minus the stress.


Small business owners

Post consistently & sell your products on social.



Post on the go & find brand collabs with Posttely for Creators!


Agencies & freelancers

Easily manage multiple brands in less time.

Expand Your Following Effortlessly

Social media is a powerful avenue for business growth, but it doesn't have to consume all your time. Discover how Posttely can simplify your journey with these effective strategies.

Over 30+ integrations

All your social media accounts at one place, Managing multiple social media accounts is no longer a hassle with Posttely – you can seamlessly switch between them without any worries.


Cutting-edge solutions for enhanced convenience.

The Power of Advanced Tools for Effortless Living

AI Assistant
Effortlessly create content faster and more efficiently with the help of AI-powered tools.
Social Media Calendar
Gain access to a comprehensive content view, making it easier to plan and manage your social media posts.
Team Management
Simplify the process of managing team members and collaboration within a centralized platform.
Combine multiple analytics reports to get a holistic view of your social media performance.
Seamlessly connect with your social media channels, streamlining your content distribution.
Bulk Scheduling
Save time and effort by scheduling multiple posts in one go, ensuring a consistent online presence.
Link Shortener
Trim long URLs with our Link Shortener, creating cleaner and more shareable links.
Content Library
Store your best posts and hashtags for quick and easy access, improving your content management.
Client Management
Coordinate with all your clients efficiently, enhancing your client relationships and project management.
Browser Extension
Share content instantly with the convenience of a browser extension, making content distribution a breeze.
Hashtag Suggestion
Enhance your social media posts with relevant and trending hashtags using our hashtag suggestion tool.
Pexels Integration
Access a wealth of high-resolution images and videos seamlessly by integrating Pexels into our platform.

Here’s what our customers have to say

These aren't reviews; they're the living stories of people on journeys like yours.

  • Impressive Service
    Posttely's service has made a significant impact on how I manage my social media presence.
    – Amit Sharma
  • User-Friendly Platform
    Posttely's user-friendly interface has simplified my social media management tasks.
    – Neha Gupta
  • Effective Analytics
    I've witnessed the effectiveness of Posttely's analytics tools in optimizing my digital marketing strategy.
    – Rajesh Patel
  • Enhanced Engagement
    Thanks to Posttely, my social media engagement has improved significantly, benefiting my business.
    – Pooja Singh
  • Time-Saving Solution
    Posttely's scheduling feature has saved me valuable time in managing my social media accounts.
    – Rahul Khanna
  • Responsive Support
    I've received excellent and responsive support from Posttely's customer support team.
    – Meera Iyer
  • Affordable Pricing
    I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of Posttely's services.
    – Anjali Gupta
  • Content Inspiration
    Posttely's content discovery tools have been a valuable source of inspiration.
    – Arun Mehta
  • Efficiency Booster
    Posttely has streamlined my social media workflow, making it more efficient.
    – Sneha Reddy
  • Productivity Enhancement
    Posttely's collaboration features have boosted my marketing department's productivity.
    – Vikram Kapoor
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